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Here starts the story of
HZPC Holland in five images:

"At the market in Amman (Jordan), Mrs Zomut is buying some bags of big, yellow potatoes of the Fabula variety"

"Somewhere in Barcelona, on his way to basketball training, Julio has some French fries of the robust Innovator variety together with his McDonald's hamburger"

"After school, Désirée, a French girl, enjoys a handful of Lay’s barbecue flavour potato crisps"

"The firm, dark-yellow Annabelle potatoes on the the Müller family's Villeroy & Boch tableware in Hannover come from nearby Aldi Nord."

“During the KLM flight to join his orchestra in Belgrade, Jan Simek eats a meal of fennel-mash and a piece of softly-cooked salmon with sauce bĂ©arnaise”

The common element in these five very different, global 'potato moments' is that their origin is in a Petri dish at the HZPC research and breeding station in the village of Metslawier in the Dutch province of Friesland.

In Metslawier, the people of HZPC know a great deal about potatoes, varieties, their characteristics, their resistances, endurance and taste. We do research there and we breed, we develop varieties and grow mini tubers.

Our growers cultivate seed potatoes of the varieties that HZPC as a trading company sells all over the world, from our head office in Joure and from the various international branches and holdings. A clear difference with the old days is that our supply no longer controls the demand. Our original marketing strategy changed some ten years ago from push to pull: HZPC is market-oriented, listens to what the business chain requires, analyses trends, advises on needs, and wants to offer a tailored and optimised supply which, in fact, creates its own demand. In this way, we can work more effectively and efficiently, customer satisfaction and loyalty are greater, and the prices go up.

For this reason, HZPC looks and listens carefully to what's going on in the worldwide potato market and how that market is being influenced. We have therefore arranged our organisation into clearly distinguished market sectors:

1 Local day markets - Traditional
2 Fresh markets - Retail Fresh
  Industry (processors):   Processing:
3 French fries - French Fries
4 Crisps - Crisps
5 Peeled - Peeled

What moves the world also moves our researchers, breeders, variety developers, growers, marketers and sales force.

The five HZPC market sectors include five value chains. It's a challenge for our company to enable our customers - as links within the chains - to add maximum value. Their returns legitimise our prices and are a guarantee for a healthy future.

In this HZPC Annual report

In this HZPC Annual report, we will be focusing on the French fries, Crisps and Peeled market sectors, the sectors of the processing industry, which we have brought together under the heading Processing. Last year, in the HZPC Annual report 2012/2013, we focused on the Traditional market sector, the sector of the day markets,

where unpackaged potatoes are sold to the consumer by the kilo. In the 2014/2015 Annual report, HZPC intends to specifically focus on the Retail Fresh market sector, the sector of the consumer-fresh chains.